Welcome to WOOSUK 

                   Material Technology


WOOSUK M.T has grown mainly on phosphor 

powder and also has been focusing on the technological 

development and mass production of ceramic phosphor 

which is optimized for laser light sources. 

As a result, we have commercialized ceramic phosphor, 

which has became the core of laser beam projector. 

Through The development of various types of ceramic phosphor for laser beam, 

WOOSUK has experienced and developed  tremendous 

technology. It has made it possible to develop new version 

of ceramics which is applicable to special lighting 

such as high power vehicle head light.

We promise the best product through such faith 

and our technology.



         - Laser Beam Projector

               - High Power Special Lighting

               - High Power Vehicle Head Light

      Powder Phosphor

          -LED Packaging

              - Silicon Phosphor base material       

      Silicon Film

         -Beam Projector

              - Vehicle DRL