Our Story

Dear Valued Customers

Since Woosuk  started out in Diamond tooling and material industry in the 1996,

we have strived to develop new technologies and various products.

Recently we are exporting our products to about 40 countries in the world.

We have been recognized for the competitive edge in domestic and international 

diamond tooling and material business in terms of not only quality

but also manufacturing facility.

Woosuk is renowned as a role model of Diamond tooling and inorganic material industry 

for its achievement in increasing its market share with advanced automation system 

and for its competitiveness towards with superior technological level, 

manufacturing capability, and efficiency.

20% of our members of staff are related to developing technology 

and we are trying to become the first runner in the world’s diamond tool and 

inorganic material industry by persistent producing and developing 

diverse products with our technology.

Our aims primarily to create an enjoyable business environment that satisfies

the company, the employees and the customers.

Woosuk now would like to invite our dear customers to share joy and

happiness created by the prominent company with the highest quality

and competency in Korea.

Dear customers, we would like to ask you for the continuing interest

and support for our pursuit of better future. Thank you.

Best Regards

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