Ceramics Phosphor

Nano Phosphor and Its Ceramics

Using our advanced technology of mixing & sintering materials, We have developed nano-sized garnet phosphor

(YAG, LuAG Doped with activators) materials. Nano Garnet phosphors and its technology made it possible to achieve the world's best Ceramic Phosphor and its performance.

Technical characteristics

- High crystallized

- High uniformity

- High heat dissipation efficiency

- high density & low porosity 

- Customizable AR( Anti-reflection) Coating and Metal coating

- The world's best performance  


Green, Yellow

Use - Short throw Laser Beam Projector (Green)

        - High Power laser light (Yellow)

           Ceramic phosphor plate assembled on a copper plate

Performance  - 290 lm/W, Power 95W or Higher ( 3700 ANSI ) 

Color - Green, Yellow 

Type - Reflective type, Transparent type

Size  - Customizable

Thickness - Customizable



Use - High Power Vehicle Head Light

        - High Performance Search Light

Performance -  For LED : Over 1.5 A,  For LD : 95W or Higher

Color   - White 

Type    - Transparent type

Size     - Customizable

Thickness - Customizable

Shape - Customizable

Wheel type Ceramic Phosphor

Use - Extreme Power Laser BeamProjector 

Performance  - 320 lm/ W , Power up to 520W 

Color - Yellow, Green  

Type  - Reflective type   

Size   - Customizable

Thickness - Customizable

Shape - Customizable